How did people communicate before texting? How did ancient Rome influence The Hunger Games? Why does government exist? Where would we be without the invention of the wheel?

Together we will learn the answers to these questions....and more!

During 7th Grade we learn about ancient history in the Eastern Hemisphere. From the beginning of civilization in the Fertile Crescent to the birth of democracy in Greece to the rise of knights in Medieval Europe. We will start our year by building our historical toolkit with a variety of skills that we will use throughout the year to help us uncover past mysteries and explore the patterns of the ancient world. We will discover how people settled, lived, created their government, and organized their religion.

The purpose of the website is to...

    • Provide class materials and information
    • Extend learning beyond the classroom
    • Access to reteach materials for each unit and target
    • Give student's more control over their learning
    • Videos: Will it be on the test?