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The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District believes that online high school courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for students. R7 Online is a web-based platform which began in Fall 2008 with three courses. Online high school courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for students. R7 Online now offers over 20 courses for Lee’s Summit students and qualifying students in Jackson County.

These courses are designed with Lee’s Summit curriculum and are taught by certified LSR7 teachers. A variety of instructional materials are utilized to deliver the content including print and online texts, video and audio, discussion boards, and more. All courses are delivered using the Schoology software platform.

The course curriculum is consistent with the regular school program; however, teaching is conducted online with the teacher physically separated from the students. Students work independently and at various times of the day or week. Teachers communicate with students through virtual platforms and email. Students enrolled in an R7 Online course are expected to keep up with assignments and follow the guidelines in their High School Handbook. The students’ counselors work collaboratively with the online instructors to provide a support system for enrolled students.

Technology Requirements

All students taking an R7 Online course must have internet access; the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District does not provide access to the internet for students enrolled in online courses. For specific technical requirements, please visit http://r7online.lsr7.org/getting-started.

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American Government

American History


Business Essentials

Business Law

College Accounting

College Algebra

Computer Business Applications I

Computer Business Applications II

Computer Hardware & Operating Systems I (CHAOS I)

Computer Hardware & Operating Systems II (CHAOS II)

Creative Writing

Database Management I

Database Management II

General Psychology


Health & Wellness

Introduction to Engineering & Design

Introduction to Human Services

Mandarin Chinese

Science of Nature


Modern Global Issues

Personal Finance

Recovery Algebra 1, 1st Sem

Recovery Algebra 1, 2nd Sem

Recovery Geometry, 1st Sem

Recovery Geometry, 2nd Sem

Recovery Geometry (Fall/Spring)

Recovery English 9 - 1st Semester

Recovery English 9 - 2nd Semester

Recovery English 10 - 1st Semester

Recovery English 10 - 2nd Semester

Recovery English 11 - 1st Semester

Recovery English 11 - 2nd Semester

Recovery English 12 - 1st Semester

Recovery English 12 - 2nd Semester

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