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Welcome to r-7 Online Academy

The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District believes that online high school courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for students. R7 Online is a web-based platform which began in Fall 2008 with three courses. Online high school courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for students. R7 Online now offers over 20 courses for Lee’s Summit students and qualifying students in Jackson County.

These courses are designed with Lee’s Summit curriculum and are taught by certified LSR7 teachers. A variety of instructional materials are utilized to deliver the content including print and online texts, video and audio, discussion boards, and more. All courses are delivered using the Schoology software platform.

The course curriculum is consistent with the regular school program; however, teaching is conducted online with the teacher physically separated from the students. Students work independently and at various times of the day or week. Teachers communicate with students through virtual platforms and email. Students enrolled in an R7 Online course are expected to keep up with assignments and follow the guidelines in their High School Handbook. The students’ counselors work collaboratively with the online instructors to provide a support system for enrolled students.

Technology Requirements

All students taking an R7 Online course must have internet access; the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District does not provide access to the internet for students enrolled in online courses. For specific technical requirements, please click HERE

R7 Online course offeringS

R7 Online offers the following courses to it's secondary and middle school students for online learning. Click the subject matter below to review the course list.

Click HERE for High School Course Descriptions.

Click HERE for Middle School Course Descriptions.


*FULL YEAR (TWO-SEMESTER) COURSE^WEIGHTED COURSEBold denotes previously offered R7 Online course.

Communication Arts

Advanced Debate*^

Advanced Studies English 9*^

Advanced Studies English 10*^

Debate I*

English 9*

English 10*

English 11*

English 11 Honors*^

English 12*

English 12 Honors*^

IB English A1 HL*^ (Grade 11)

IB English A1 HL*^ (Grade 12)

Introduction to Creative Writing

News for Print and Online I*

Reading Lab*

Reading Strategies*


Drawing I

Foundations of Design

Foundations of Drawing

IB Visual Arts SL or HL

Visual Arts*

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts I*


Advanced Studies Algebra II*^

Advanced Studies Geometry*^

Algebra I*

Algebra II*

Algebra/Geometry I

Algebra/Geometry II

Algebra/Geometry III


College Algebra (Honors Course)*^


Intermediate Algebra II*

IB Math: Analysis/Approaches SL (Grade 11)*^

IB Math: Analysis/Approaches SL (Grade 12)*^

Math Lab


Recovery Geometry I, S1

Recovery Geometry I S2

Recovery Algebra I, S1

Recovery Algebra I, S2

Modern Language

French I*

French II*

French III*^

IB French 4/5*^ (Dual credit eligible)

German I*

German II*

German III*^

IB German 4/5*^ (Dual credit eligible)

Mandarin Chinese I*

Mandarin Chinese II*

Mandarin Chinese III*^

Mandarin Chinese IV*^ (Dual credit eligible)

Mandarin Chinese V*^ (Dual credit eligible)

Spanish I*

Spanish II*

Spanish III*^

Spanish 4 SL/HL (Dual credit eligible)

IB Spanish 5 SL/HL *^ (Dual credit eligible)

Spanish For Heritage Speakers I/II*^


High School Band

High School Choir

High School Orchestra

IB Music SL*^

Practical Arts - Business/Marketing

Accounting I*

Accounting II*

Business Essentials

Business Law

College Accounting (Dual and Articulated Credit Eligible)*

IB Business Management SL

IB Business Management HL

Marketing 101*

Personal Finance

Sports and Entertainment Marketing*


Introduction of Engineering & Design*^ (PLTW)

Materials and Processing Technology

Power and Energy Technology

Woodworking Technology*

Practical Arts - Family & Consumer Sciences

Child and Adolescent Development^

Child Development: Preschool Experiences

Culinary Foundations

Fashion and Interior Design Foundations

International Foods

Introduction to Human Services

Practical Arts - Information Technology

Computer Business Apps I

Computer Business Apps II

Computer Hardware & Operating Systems I

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems II

Creative Design and Technology

Introduction to Web Design

Power and Energy Technology


PLTW Computer Science Essentials*

PLTW AP Computer Science Principles*^

PLTW Computer Science A*^

Physical Education & Health

Concepts in Physical Education (formally Fitness 4 Life)

Foundations of Fitness

Health & Wellness

Fitness Walking

Recovery Courses

Algebra I, Semesters 1 and 2

Geometry, Semesters 1 and 2

Recovery English 9, Semesters 1 and 2

Recovery English 10, Semesters 1 and 2

Recovery English 11, Semesters 1 and 2

Recovery English 12, Semester 1 and 2

Recovery Algebra, Semesters 1 and 2

Recovery Geometry, Semester 1 and 2


Advanced Studies Biology I or II*^

Advanced Studies Chemistry I*^

AP Physics *^

AP Physics II*^


Biology I*

Biology II*^

Chemistry I*

Chemistry II*^

Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry*

Human Anatomy/Physiology*^ (Dual credit option for eligible students)

Human Body Systems*^ (Dual credit option for eligible students)

IB Biology HL*^ (Grade 11)

IB Biology HL*^ (Grade 12)

IB Chemistry HL*^ (Grade 11)

IB Chemistry HL*^ (Grade 12)

IB Environmental Systems & Societies SL*^


Physics I*^

Principles of Biomedical Sciences*^ (Dual credit option for eligible students)

Principles of Engineering*^ (PLTW)

Science of Nature*

Social Studies

Advanced Studies American History*^

Advanced Studies World History*^

American History*

American Government

General Psychology

IB Cultural & Social Anthropology SL

IB History of the Americas HL*^ (Grade 11)

IB History of the Americas HL*^ (Grade 12)

IB Personal & Professional Skills (Zero Hr)^

IB Psychology SL*^

IB Psychology HL*^ (Grade 11)

IB Psychology HL*^ (Grade 12)

Modern Global Issues

Sociology I

World History*

Special Education

Courses will be determined and assigned in coordination with the IEP team.


AVID Career Exploration - Grades 9-12

mIDDLE sCHOOL Course Offerings

7th Grade Core Classes

Language Arts 7

Advanced Studies Language Arts 7

7th Grade Math

Advanced Studies 7th Grade Math

Science 7

Advanced Studies Science 7

Ancient World History

Advanced Studies Ancient World History

7th Grade Electives

Advisory 7th Grade

Homeroom 7th Grade

7th Grade Art

Online Middle School Choir 7

Online Middle School Band

Online Middle School String Orchestra

Online 7th Grade PE


Explo Lang/Cultures

Computer Explorations

Intro to Engineering and Industrial Technology

Discovering FACS

Math Lab

Reading Lab


8th Grade Core Classes

Language Arts 8

Advanced Studies Language Arts 8


Algebra I

Science 8

Advanced Studies Science 8

Early American History

Advanced Studies Early American History

8th Grade Electives

Advisory 8th Grade

Homeroom 8th Grade

Online Art 8

Online Middle School Choir 8

Online Middle School Band

Online Middle School String Orchestra

Online 8th Grade PE

Spanish I

French I

German I

Mandarin Chinese I

Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Broadcasting & Video Technology

Industrial/Engineering Technology Combined

8th Grade FACS Combined

Math Lab

Reading Lab

special education

Courses will be determined and assigned in coordination with the IEP team.

Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP)

Lee's Summit School District also offers and extended online catalog through Edgenuity. Student who are enrolled in an Edgenuity course are not required to take an in-person final, unless otherwise noted for the course.


About Edgenuity