Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does LSR7 offer online courses?

A. The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District believes that online high school courses provide new opportunities in the delivery of instruction for students. R7 Online is a web-based platform which will offer three required high school courses beginning in fall 2008. These courses are designed with Lee’s Summit curriculum and will be taught by certified LSR7 teachers. A variety of instructional materials will be utilized to deliver the content including print and online texts, video and audio, discussion boards, and more. All courses will be delivered using the Schoology software platform.The course curriculum is consistent with the regular school program; however, teaching will be conducted online with the teacher physically separated from the students. Students work independently and at various times of the day or week. Teachers communicate with students online and via telephone. Students enrolled in an R7 Online course are expected to keep up with assignments and follow the guidelines in their High School Handbook. The students’ counselors work collaboratively with the online instructors to provide a support system for enrolled students.Like many districts around the nation, Lee’s Summit is aware of the need to expand access for students to high quality courses needed for graduation when the student has a scheduling conflict. R7 Online courses will be an avenue for some students to meet these graduation requirements. Another avenue provided to Missouri K-12 students is Missouri Virtual School courses.

Q. What is Schoology?

A. Educational institutions are facing the demands of a new environment with changing student demographics, increased demands for accountability and more acute resource constraints. As a result, the Lee’s Summit R-VII school district uses Schoology as our technology of choice to enable us to evolve into a 21st century learning environment. Our district’s use of Schoology, our “online learning community”, is being used to connect our students, staff and teachers within the district for the purpose of collaborating, communicating and learning.

Q. What is Online Learning?

A. Online learning represents a way for classes to be offered to students and staff of the LSR7 School District through the internet. Classes may be taken at a time that is more convenient to the student. Course curriculum follows the state standards, covering the same material as that covered in the standard “bricks & mortar” classroom setting.

Q. What courses are currently offered?

A. Click here for current course offerings.

Q. How do online courses compare with traditional courses?

A. Online classes are designed using the same curriculum as those taught in the standard classroom. Online classes, however, require the student to be more self-disciplined.

Q. What are the features of an online class?

A. Online classes offer:

Ease of use – students can access the class with minimal technological experience

• Quality Instruction – Our instructors teaching the online classes have demonstrated the ability to bring the classroom experience into an online environment, keeping the students involved and connected, allowing for the collaboration and sharing of knowledge

Accountability – the online system provides a number of statistics on individual students and the class which allows for participation reporting, tracking and monitoring of time students spend online

Discussion Forums – the online system allows students and instructors the ability to share concepts, ideas, questions and answers

Assessments – students participate in a variety of assessments

Q. How do I enroll in a Class?

A. Students enroll through the Guidance Office.