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Yes, I am an 80s child. Top row, second from right. Yes, that's a mullet. Yes, that's a heart rainbow sweater. I was cool, trust me.

This is my tenth year as the ELA teacher on 8 Blue. I earned my BS in History for Secondary Education with a minor in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia (M-I-Z!), and my MS in Math for Middle Grades Education with a minor in English from Brenau University in Gainesville, GA. If you are sensing a theme here (minor in English), you'd be right. Early on in my teaching career, I was a bit in denial about becoming an English teacher; however, I thankfully have fully embraced the fun and challenge that is teaching ELA and am looking at year seventeen in the subject. I absolutely have the best job in the world and love that the state of Missouri gave me a license to teach in 1993! I'm blessed to be here.

One of the two best parts of my day is working with my team, 8 Blue, to help our students. If it's best for our students, it's what we do. It's awesome working with teachers who value each student and come to school each day ready to give it our best.

The second, and most important, best part of my day is getting to be around 8th graders. There is no such thing as a boring day, much less one boring minute teaching them, and I love it! My main goal for the year is to open my student's minds to the bigger world with strange stories, opposing views, lots of conversations and learning that's driven by big questions. There are few downsides to 8th graders, but I want to mention them since this is all about me. They are as follows: 1. comic sans font, a travesty and completely unnecessary in the year 2017 2. asking me how to spell a word when my students have the most powerful device at their fingertips (sure, I'm initially flattered they think I'm that smart, but then I realize it's more about their laziness) 3. unpleasant smells. Which strangely all works out with teaching 8th graders (who are my favorites in all the teaching world)!

Contact me at beth.groom@lsr7.net or voice mail at 816-986-1499 ext. 7467.


"When I was your age, television was called books."


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