Lilly Eastern Hemisphere

Welcome to Mrs. Lilly's 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere website! I am thrilled to be your teacher this year at Summit Lakes Middle School. This website will be used to inform students and parents about our classroom throughout the school year. You will find curriculum information, video clips, and website links that will help facilitate learning as we travel through the Eastern Hemisphere.

This website will also serve as a re-teaching tool. If you find yourself struggling with one of our learning targets, click on "Units of Study," find the current unit, locate the learning target that you need help mastering, and click your way through the provided information to help you succeed.

ABC-CLIO Database Link

Classroom Rules and Procedures.pptx
Advanced Studies Eastern Hemisphere Classroom Rules and Procedures
Reg Ed Eastern Hemisphere Classroom Rules and Procedures
Class Syllabus 2017-2018
Veteran's Day 2016.mp4

Veteran's Day Celebrations 2015-2016

18-19 Calendar - FINAL.pdf