Behind The Killer

Since America's beginning, there have been murders committed in the dark corners and alleys. Some had the uncontrollable urge to take a life, while others just wanted to get back at society.

Why would I choose a topic like serial killers?

I chose this topic with this in mind: They were all people, like us. People with secrets. In 1970, When a woman saw Ted Bundy walking down the street she didn't think "Wow, what a freak". She more than likely noticed how charming and hansom he was, like many of his victims thought just previous to there demise. I want to know how someone can be two completely different people. Your typical ladies man by day, and the infamous 'Lady Killer' by night.

What's the point of learning about criminals?

Believe it or not, there is a lot to learn from these notorious killers. And studying their actions and there childhoods can show us what kinds of abuses can lead to such a broken mind. The best way to study them is first hand from the kill themselves. They are the ones that know first hand, how the mind of a killer works. When a killer was loose in the 1980's, King County Sheriff's Office was stumped on who could be committing the murders. So for extra help they brought in an expert: Ted Bundy. Detectives sought to pick Bundy's mind to truly get behind the inner workings of a serial killer. Bundy also gave very accurate advice on exactly how to catch the new killer. He suggested once the cops find a fresh corpse, to steak it out and that the killer was most likely returning to his victims bodies to perform necrophilia. Bundy was right but the Green River Killer wasn't caught until 2001.