Solutions & Service

Solutions & Services

In today's highly competitive business climate, each and every organization is facing complex IT challenges from various technologies, applications, business needs and industries involved. Regardless of whatever challenges you face, Le Siam has the expertise, know-how and drive to deliver business solutions that tackle your unique challenges.


Le Siam's solutions are designed to help you build a dynamic infrastructure, manage the information and address challenges around information compliance, availability, retention, and security. This will lead your company toward achieve your current and future business goals, thus improved productivity, service delivery and reduced risk while streamlining costs.

Network Solutions

Enable clients to transform their networks with assessments, business cases and delivery of a secure network infrastructure. We help our clients build network architectures that can drive business process improvement and innovation.

Server solutions

Increase utilization rates, enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs with Insight Server Solutions. Our ability to design, deploy and manage scalable server environments enables you to take advantage of clustered and grid computing, consolidation, virtualization and more.

Remote Support

Remote support and fastest onsite support = Perfectly flexible support plan