Multirate SFP

Multirate SFP

The LeSiam RoHS-compliant small form factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceiver is an integrated fiber optic transceiver that provides a high-speed serial link at signaling rates from 100 Mbps to 3.1 Gbps. The module complies with the small form factor pluggable (SFP) multisource agreement (MSA).

The SFP optical transceiver complies with Telcordia GR-253-CORE and ITU-T G.957 standards for up to 80-km reach (SONET OC-12 / SDH STM-4; SONET OC-48 / SDH STM-16), and IEEE 802.3-2005 standard for up to 120-km reach (Gigabit Ethernet and 1G Fibre Channel). It is also compatible to Fast Ethernet, SONET OC-3 and OC-12, and SDH STM-1 and STM-4 standards.

Multirate SFP Dual-Core

Multirate SFP Single-Core

Multirate SFP DWDM

The SFP optical transceiver integrates the receive and transmit path on one module. In the transmit side, the serial data stream is passed to a laser driver. The laser drivers biases and modulates an uncooled DML (direct modulated laser), enabling data transmission over single-mode fiber through an industry-standard LC connector. In the receive side, the optical data stream is recovered from a PIN or avalanche photodetector (APD) transimpedance amplifier, and passed to a post amplifier. This module features a hot-pluggable SFI-compliant electrical interface.