is an outsourced consulting and ICT support firm created in 2008.

Since launching, past and current clients have included: government departments, Telecom and financial service companies, education systems and many of clients in the small and medium size business(SMB).

Le Siam Internetwork diverse team of IT professionals have concentrated on adapting well established technologies to the unique demands of their clientele's industries. The staff can speak several languages namely English, Thai, Chinese and well-versed in Internetwork with regards to ICT infrastructure, Smart AI systems, Data Center solutions and products.

Implementing a business solution is more than simply applying technology to a particular business problem. Building cost-effective, reliable and secure business solutions that help you meet your business priorities requires a team of both astute business strategists and technical experts with broad industry experience.

We are Huawei Five-Star IP CSP

We are Huawei Four-Star IT CSP