Canyon School

Kindergarten Classroom

Ms. Dickson

April 6th - 10th

Good morning Kindergarten!

Aryum and I have made a bunch of changes to the website.

Please check out the new tabs/links (Weekly Messages, Storytime, Activities and Parent Resources) at the top of the page. They will take you to some things that used to be on the front page.

  • Today you should have received your passwords and logon info for RazKids and Mathseeds. Please explore these sites with your families and try out the activities. If you have any problems, please call or email me asap so that I can help you.


  • I have posted an instructional video on how to play 1-10, a great math game- using a regular deck of cards- You might want to try to play this with your family! Other great card games using a regular deck of cards are Go Fish and War- maybe you know some more you could tell me about?
  • Try logging onto Mathseeds and try it out! (your child will need you to help PLEASE let me know if you have troubles logging on- before Friday)
  • I hear some of you might be having an Easter egg hunt this weekend… what a great opportunity for math activities- counting, sorting, making patterns. Maybe when you are colouring your eggs, you can make patterns on your eggs- Remember- what do patterns always do? They REPEAT! Purple, green, purple, green or blue, red, white, blue, red, white- or draw some shapes on your egg! etc.
  • Some families have told me they are doing some baking and cooking- math, math math- it’s everywhere! Measuring, counting, shapes, counting, reading numbers and words, counting out all the chocolate chips for me, etc. ;)


  • Log onto Razkids and try it out! (your child will need you to help PLEASE let me know if you have troubles logging on- before Friday)
  • How is your Read to Self stamina coming along? How many minutes can your read to yourself? Challenge yourself to stick with it for a little longer this week!


  • Do another journal entry- Remember to write your name- have you tried challenging yourself to print your name the adult way, with only the first letter upper case- or maybe your last name? Remember to print some words about your picture- can you write the sounds you hear? Or copy some important words that your parent is printing for you? EXCELLENT! What about a journal entry about Easter or Signs of Spring

Wonder Walk

  • Go on a Wonder Walk with your family- looking for signs of Spring! We are supposed to have warmer weather. Your wonder walk might be around your backyard. I’ve put an example of a Spring Scavenger Hunt- you can use all 5 of your senses! Do you remember what they are?