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Message to Families for May 10-20 - At Home Learning!

Email us if you any questions!

The grade 5 teachers would like all paperwork returned to school. Please make sure to bring your paper package on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Teachers will respond to emails during school hours.

Google Meet Guidelines and Rules


    • Read your novel.

    • Work on reading response poster.

    • RAZ is available.

    • Practice LA skills on

    • Have conversations about books.

    • As a family choose a book to read or listen to together. Scroll down to page 3 on the Brightly article below for a great list of books.


Math Antics Beginning Fraction Video

Equivalent Fractions

    • Complete the Fraction math booklets.

    • Complete the 1st and 2nd Hand Data booklet.

    • IXL is available.

    • Play board games with your family. Even 'Scrabble' involves math! Yahtzee and crib are also good choices.


    • Have conversations about math. For example, at dinner everyone could tell one way they used math that day.

  • Science:

  • 1) Complete the Science Inquiry model sheet by completing a science experiment of their choice.

  • 2)Find an energuide number on an electrical applicance - What is an Energuide Number

  • 3) Take a daily electrical meter reading

  • Grade 5A -4) Complete Science Safety Poster

  • Grade 5A -5) Create an Electrical Circuit Board that we will put the wires on when we return to school.

  • Check out the Mystery Science Website: Mystery Science

Phys Ed

Take it outside!! Find some physical activity outdoors during this time. During one of our google meets we will discuss the variety of ways we are keeping ourselves active during at home learning.


The week of May 10-14 was to be our jump rope event. Even though we can’t do it together, I would encourage students, if possible, to do some type of heart-healthy activity during the week and email photos to your teacher that we can share once they return to school. I also encourage families to fundraise online. Gift cards are available to be won through fundraising.

I have several prizes for draws for those students who are able to ask family and friends for donations.

Go to the website to donate. Click on DONATE, then DONATE TO A SCHOOL. Enter “Canyon Elementary” in the search bar. You may collect donations until the end of May.

Thank you,

Mrs. Riedel (coordinator)

Art and Health

Grade 5A 1) Decorate the Kindness Rocks that were brought home with felt pens or crayons.


Check out Mrs. Matthews' Virtual Classroom

Click on the link for Mrs. Matthews' Virtual Classroom to find some music activities to complete during at home learning.

Please don't hesitate to ask Mrs. Matthews any questions you may have! (


    • If you're looking for something else to do and practice a worthwhile skill at the same time, check out this typing website and create an account (for free!) and get started! We don't have official school accounts set up so you'll have to make one yourself.

June 22-25 new copy of reading togehter.pdf
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