tv broadcasting

TV 1

Students in TV Broadcasting 1 get an introduction to communication and broadcasting. Students learn about pre-production planning, filming, and editing.

TV 2

Students in TV Broadcasting 2 learn advanced production and post production techniques. TV Broadcasting 2 focuses on news production and media.

TV 3

Students in TV Broadcasting 3 learn advanced graphic composition. Students also learn to write and produce short film and documentary.


Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm

at Lenape High School Auditorium

LDTV Awards Submissions DUE

Wednesday, April 10th

LDTV Award Submission Form


TV Broadcasting 2 and 3 are each eligible for college credits through the Rowan College at Burlington County College Accelerated Program. Students must apply for the CAP program while enrolled in the course by the deadline. Students must earn a C average or better in the course to receive the credits through the program.

Registration Information

TV Broadcasting 2

Equivalent to ETV 101 (4 Credits) & ETV 105 (3 Credits) - $300

TV Broadcasting 3

Equivalent to ETV 102 (4 Credits) & ETC205 (3 Credits) - $300