Trusted Online Education Based in Lafayette!

“Lafayette Online Academy has given me the chance to work at my own pace and learn through video classes, which is nice because you can go back and watch them again if you missed something. You can't do that in a classroom. I really like learning this way and there are actual teachers available if I need any help or have questions.”

- Kyle C.

"I believe Lafayette Online Academy is the perfect school."

- Issa T.

“I cannot say enough about the Lafayette Online Academy. My son has been with the LOA the past 2 years and it has been nothing but positive for him! The classes keep his interest and make it exciting for him to learn! He can work at his own pace, which is a plus. He finished 8th grade 3 weeks before school let out! The website is easy to navigate, the instructors give lessons that are easy to follow, and the portal is easy for the parent(s) to understand and see how their child is progressing with the classes."

"LOA has helped give my son the confidence and motivation he needs to succeed. The staff is there if a teacher is needed or if you have any questions. They are professional, friendly and always there to help! Thank you, LOA for being an option!”

- Lisa C.