Welcome to eLearn

During this time that schools are closed, LPSS would like to make every effort for students to remain engaged and actively learning. In keeping with this mission, we are happy to introduce our new eLearn site.

Every week a new model lesson will be uploaded for each grade level in Math, English Language Arts/Reading, Science, and Social Studies. These lessons are focused on "major learning" to which students have already been exposed and will need to master in order to gain the prerequisite knowledge for the future. Consider these building blocks. These lessons offer additional practice on essential skills and standards that your student will need moving forward.

In addition, parents, do not underestimate the power of reading to your students or having them read to you. Have them write about or discuss what they have read. Allow your child to study or explore topics they are naturally curious about or ones in which they show a strong interest.

LPSS would like to remind our students and families that no assignments are required and no additional credits or grades will be recorded at this time. We want to encourage students and parents to keep in communication with their teacher. Teachers and school leaders remain responsive to emails, so please reach out with any questions you have. Email addresses can be found on your child’s school website page. For a complete list of LPSS schools visit https://www.lpssonline.com/schools