Leader In Me

Becky S. Kreamer

Leader in Me

This summer, DTSMA teachers and Lead 12 (the Leader in Me student group) received Leader In Me training from Mrs. Becky Kreamer. In this training session, teachers and students created a list to explain the positives of becoming a Leader In Me school. Please view OUR WHY list and wish as luck as we embark on Year 1 as a Leader In Me school. Please read more about Mrs. Kreamer below.

Becky started her career as an educator, teaching for 13 years. During this time, she worked with students with disabilities including learning disabilities, emotional disturbances and health impairments. She was passionate about her work, and immersed herself in school leadership roles as well as looking for innovative ways to meet the needs of her students. In fact, she co-authored a reading program because one student she worked with needed a different approach. During those years in the classroom, Becky was twice named teacher of the year and became a lead teacher. Eventually, she worked her way up to a supervisory role, where she worked tirelessly towards innovative solutions to the complex issues facing schools.

Later, Becky became a licensed attorney in the state of Louisiana, initiating her practice to serve the underprivileged and impoverished, and to be the voice of the children in difficult situations. Again, as an attorney, Becky worked to lead others to better solutions for their lives.

The combination of her unique background and skill set has propelled her into her current career: Becky is now a full time Educational and Business consultant, teaching courses at the University’s Department of Continuing Education, working with many businesses and non-profits as a consultant to further the mission of our school systems in their communities, and working directly with school districts and individual schools. She has delivered over 100 presentations both as keynote speaker and staff development to schools and various community organizations. She has written the district Discipline Matrix which received positive commendations from the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has begun school reform in alternative programs, worked with school administrators to enhance leadership skills, and served as a volunteer for 5 years to teach teens decision making sills to improve their futures. In addition, she most recently authored 100+ Ways to Help: A data driven volunteer program for our local school system.

Becky lives in Lafayette, Louisiana with her husband and 4 children. She is an avid runner, and has competed in 9 marathons. She is involved with her children’s school and church, and is an active volunteer and parent.


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