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Role of the School Committee

As instruments of the Massachusetts Legislature, local School Committees derive their authority from Massachusetts General Laws, from statutes and from the regulation of the State Board of Education.

The Leicester School Committee consists of five voting members elected to staggered three-year terms. The School Committee operates in accordance with the MGL Ch. 71 and 41 which delegates its authority. The Educational Reform Act of 1993, Ch. 71 S. 37 specifies this authority as follows: “The School Committee in each city and town and each regional school district shall have the power to select and to terminate the Superintendent, shall review and approve budgets for public education in the district, and shall establish educational goals and policies for the schools in the district, consistent with the requirements of law and statewide goals and standards established by the State Board of Education.”

The School Committee determines overall School Department policy and budget. The School Committee conducts public meetings which are broadcast on a local TV station. The committee and Superintendent continually seek ways to obtain sufficient funding to support its programs from available sources at the local, state and federal levels.


Donna McCance, M.Ed., Chair


Term: 2020-2023

Scott Weikel, Vice Chair


Term: 2022-2025

Dylan Lambert, Secretary


Term: 2022-2025

Nathan Hagglund


Term: 2020-2023

Jonathan Boisjolie


Term: 2021-2024



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Student Liaisons



The Leicester School Committee supports the inclusion of up to two high school student representatives to the School Committee each year. Preferably, one student will be a member of the junior class and one student will be a member of the senior class. Each such student representative will serve in a nonvoting capacity, although he or she will be encouraged to weigh in on all matters of concern to the student body. Each student representative shall attend business meetings and shall be encouraged to attend workshop meetings. Each shall act as a liaison between the School Committee and the student body. Student representatives shall be excluded from executive sessions.

Each student representative shall serve a two-year term (defined as two complete school years). The procedures for nomination and selection of a student liaison to the School Committee are outlined in policy BBAB-R.

Cross-reference: BABB-R Student Liaison Guidelines

ADOPTED: October 8, 2013

REVISED: December 8, 2015