Information for Mrs. Stieren's Classes

Basic Classroom Information

Parent Communication

1. Please feel free to email. My email is always open during the school day, but not typically during the evenings or Saturdays. If you email after 5:30pm, you may not get a response until the following day. I will not check my email at all on Sundays or holidays.

2. Sims Grade Book and Google Classroom for assignments and grades.

3. Class Dojo. You can create a parent account to monitor your child's behavior in all of their middle school classes if you choose.

If there are issues in my classroom, I am going to first try to work that issue out with your student. If the issue cannot be resolved, then I will contact you. Your child will have all the information they need to be successful in my classroom, including due dates, assignment directions, and often times the rubric. All of these can be found on Google Classroom which can be accessed on any device at anytime. Many other classroom teachers use Google Classroom as well.

Every student will be required and expected to fill out their planners daily. Teachers will help with this process. We may put a note in there on occasion as well.

All of your child's work will automatically save on any Google app (Google Docs, Google Slides, etc) or on Notability.

If you would like assistance navigating any of these sites, please email me and we can set up a phone call or a time to meet.

There are a lot of apps and sites out there that teachers use. Your students are the experts and have been taught how to use these effectively and responsibly.

Grading Procedures

Grades are posted weekly. I will put zeros in the grade book if the assignment is missing. Many times I give an opportunity for those assignments to get turned in. I will then update that grade. It may depend on the assignment. Ultimately, it is up to the student to get the work done. Once a quarter is over, I will not longer accept assignments from that quarter.


Students in my classes will not have a lot of homework. Adequate amount of time will be given in class. If students do no complete the assignment or have not used their time wisely, then they may need to complete some work at home. I am typically at school by 7:30 each morning and can help with homework at that time. I do my best to make sure every assignment is meaningful.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is used as a way to help our students be aware and manage their behavior. Our goal is to reward the positives. Parents and students will each have their own accounts. Visit to set up an account, and please contact me for classroom code.

About Me

I grew up in Hooper, Ne and graduated from Logan View. I got my teaching degree with a middle level endorsement from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2011. I continued my education through Peru State College to earn a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, completing the degree in 2018.

At Louisville, I help coach softball and girls basketball. I live in Gretna with my husband and son. We enjoy camping, going to baseball games, and playing at the park.