Louisville Public School Erate Questions and Answers

Please contact Nate Simons, Technology Director (nsimons@lpslions.org), with any questions about our ERate filings.

ERate Questions and Answers

Q - After reading your 470 request, I have a couple of questions. You are requesting the Fortinet Fortigate 300E device. When I researched the specs on the Fortigate 300E, it shows the number of users as 500. USAC records show you have 625 students and that doesn't include any teachers or staff. Will you use the firewall at all the 3 sites listed in the 470? How many users will be using the unit at any given time? What is the bandwidth coming into each of the schools?

A - The one firewall will be used to cover all 3 schools (under one roof). We have about 800 devices on our network at any given time. In July of 2018 our bandwidth will be 2gbs up/down.

Q - Can you please let me know your school's bandwidth availability and a student count? Also are you interested in only the firewall portion or do you also need your firewall to provide content filtering as well?

A - Our bandwidth starting after July 1, 2018 will be 2 gbps up/down. Our student account is around 650 students but our average device count on the network is about 800 devices. We're really only interested in the Firewall portion but would entertain other options such as the content filtering capabilities.

Q - Would it be possible to schedule a walkthrough of your building to get a better picture of where wireless access point would go?

A - Yes that would be fine. Just contact nsimons@lpslions.org to schedule it.


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