Louisville Public School Erate Questions and Answers

Please contact Nate Simons, Technology Director (nsimons@lpslions.org), with any questions about our ERate filings.

Vendor Chosen

Louisville Public Schools has chosen Tred-Mark Communications for this Erate project. Thank you to all vendors that responded to our erate RFP.

Vendor Proposals for Network Closet Relocation and Cabling


ERate Questions and Answers

Q - The RFP calls for a floor-mounted network rack, but I was under the assumption that we would re-use the existing wall mount rack and install on the other side of the wall. If a floor-mounted rack is in fact needed, I am sure the existing cables will not reach. Which would you like me to quote?

A - We would like a floor mounted rack if it's going in that lockable room or a lockable, wall-mounted cabinet if keeping in the current location.

Q - Would you like us to provide station and closet side patch cords in our quote for the (15) new cable runs?

A - Yes

Q - For the installation of the new rack, would you like the vertical cable management single-sided or double sided?

A - Single-sided

Q - Would you like these managers on both sides of the new rack, or just on one side?

A - Two sides

Q - Do you have a preference on (CommScope) Systimax or Uniprise?

A - Systimax

RFP Documents

Louisville Public Schools network cabling.pdf