Louisville Public School Erate Questions and Answers

Please contact Nate Simons, Technology Director (nsimons@lpslions.org), with any questions about our ERate filings.

Vendor Proposals for Access Points

Please click the links to view each access point proposal.

Aecor Wireless - Contract awarded to Aercor Wireless



Vendor Proposals for UPS Units

Please click the links to view each UPS unit proposal.



Great Plains Communications

SHI - Contract awarded to SHI


ERate Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have a map of where you would like the outdoor access points placed?

A: The blue markers on this map are where I would like them to be if possible.

Q - (in reference to UPS proposal) Is any labor on site required with the quote?

A - No

Q - (in reference to UPS proposal) Are there any specifications not mentioned in the quote that we need to be aware of?

A - No

RFP Documents

Louisville Public Schools_wireless system.pdf
Louisville Public Schools_UPS.pdf