GT Math

Here you will find all sorts of helpful tools for our 6th grade math class.

Important Class Details


Your son or daughter can expect homework daily, since the best way to learn mathematics is through regular practice.

That being said, most nights, homework should not take more than 30minutes of focused work time. If it is taking more time, please let me know.

Click the link to Mrs. Mathews' ONLINE PLANBOOK to see what homework is assigned each night. This link takes you to my online planbook, where the lessons, worksheets and other materials are available for you.

The goal of homework is to practice what we learned in class. Students need to try every problem, even when they are unsure of the correctness of their answer. We will review all questions in class the next day.


Tests and Quizzes: 50% of overall grade

We will have about 2 quizzes per unit and 1 test per unit.

Graded Homework: 20% of overall grade

Graded homework includes POW's as well as one weekly assignment that will be graded. Students will be told which assignment is graded each week.

Projects: 10% of overall grade

We will have 1 project per unit.

Work Habits: 20% of overall grade

Work habits includes non-graded homework, class participation and coming to class prepared.


Your son or daughter needs the following materials for our math class.

  • A spiral notebook. Any size will work, we will need more than one for the year.
  • A pocket folder for some handouts.
  • PENCILS, at least 2 everyday... ( no pens for homework)
  • Big eraser (we learn best when we make mistakes)
  • Hand-held pencil sharpener. ( We wear down our pencils daily!)
  • A grading pen
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils or markers on occasion. I will let the students know a day or so ahead of time to bring them to class.
  • Calculators are used sparingly in class. Like colored pencils and markers, students will be told when they will need them. Otherwise, we will use the best calculator in town.... their brains!

Our Units and Curriculum:

We will use The Connected Math Program 3 along with supplemental materials. Here is a list of each unit we will cover this year.

Unit 1: Number Systems/Prime Time

Unit 2: Comparing Bits and Pieces

Unit 3: Decimal Operations

Unit 4: Covering and Surrounding

Unit 5: Let's Be Rational

Unit 6: Extending the Number line

Unit 7: Variables and Patterns

Unit 8: Data About Us.