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I'm here to expand your thinking about possible post-secondary career and education options. We'll explore a number of opportunities and some of the possible paths to achieving your goals. Along the way we'll hear from a number of successful people in a wide variety of career paths and hear about the twists and turns that got them there.

Every educator has their story as to why they chose this important profession. ClicK HERE to read my "Why I Teach".

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About me

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and yes, I am a diehard Buckeye's fan! My family moved to Colorado in 2012 when my wife bought her Orthodontic practice in Littleton. We dragged our 3 children with us and they are all are proud graduates of CU Boulder. My own little Buffalo herd. Now all 3 are in the process of earning doctorates or practicing medicine in different states. On the weekends you'll find me involved in some outdoor activity but skiing is my all time favorite. I've been a part time ski instructor in Vail for the past 10 years. My educational journey has included stints as a MS History teacher, HS Social Studies teacher and secondary administrator. I've waited a long time to work at Arapahoe High School and I am proud to finally call myself a Warrior.


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