Mark Twain
Visual Arts

2021-2022 School Year Celebrating Mark Twain and the Mark Twain Community

4th Graders made Racoons with pizza boxes.

2nd Graders made paper pizzas.

5th Grade created paper dragons relief.

Learning Goals

Students will experiment using different types of media (mediums).

Students will experience different techniques and processes throughout the school year.

Students will create and communicate ideas through art.

Students will learn about different artists and cultures by looking at and discussing artwork.

Students will learn to evaluate and respond to a wide range of art.

Students will develop an understanding of how art reflects and impacts life and individuals.

Supply List for Remote Learning

-paper (8 1/2 x 11) Bond or copy/printing paper

-pencils -scissors

-erasers -crayons

-markers -colored pencils (optional)

-colored paper (construction or scrapbook, cardstock)

-magazines -cereal boxes or other colorful boxes

-thick sketching paper or watercolor paper (optional)

-watercolors (optional) -brushes

-water container (I use flat yogurt containers)

-Paper towels


Make sure you get permission before using supplies.


Wednesdays 8:00-8:45

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Week 2 Project-Drawing Bugs

Ms. Maxwell with Edna at the Pixar exhibit at the Denver Natural History and Science Museum

Websites to explore

(make sure you get permission
before going on websites)

Digital Mandalas

Drawing a Bug step by step

Sand Mandalas

Quick Draw with Google

Digital Puzzles

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