Instructional Coaching


Office location:

Our IC office is located in the back of the library in the glassed in area behind the circulation desk.


Anne is generally scheduled in the afternoons. Lauren is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings with a varying schedule on Mondays and Fridays.

Please double check our office hours on the calendar below to confirm where we will be. Don't forget to check the Language Arts office as well for Anne.

As always, feel free to send us an email.


To access a specific classes' calendars, please click on the class link below and select the Agenda.

Lauren Lee

I'm thrilled to continue Instructional Coaching this fall. Having taught English at Arapahoe for twelve years, this trajectory feels like a great, new way to inspire growth in Arapahoe's already-strong community. I remember asking a college professor and mentor why she chose to leave the high school classroom to work with teachers; she shared how inspired she was by shaping the students of all the teachers with whom she works. That grandiose idea has inspired me and already drives my coaching work: supporting teachers and, therefore, helping Arapahoe students be empowered, successful, lifelong learners.

Outside Arapahoe, my two favorite pastimes are being a wife and mom. My husband, Andy, is a local Realtor. I have two daughters: Emarie, my giggly, snuggly five-month-old and McKenna, my almost-three-year-old busy, running, dancing comedian. I love spending time with family and friends, lifting weights, cooking, doing yoga, seeing live music, and, of course, reading and learning.

Anne Smith:

I have told my students over the years, that in our classroom, I believe we can change the world. I want to carry this same attitude forward to working with an entire school of learners including myself. I am extremely excited about this new learning adventure Lauren and I are undertaking and am so grateful for the support of our families, friends, school and community to make Arapahoe a place for all learners to succeed and grow. I know Lauren and I will grow with the teachers and students here at AHS.

I also will continue to teach two sections of 9th grade at AHS: all boys 9th grade and 9th grade Honors. Besides teaching and working as the IC, I am an assistant coach on the AHS girls cross country team.

Outside of my work at Arapahoe, I love running, skiing(both water and snow), yoga, reading and learning (follow me on Goodreads @ Anne K), attending concerts, and spending time with my family and friends. My husband Jeff teaches and coaches at AHS. I have two high schoolers, Jackson and Emma, and one middle schooler, Will.