Academic Resources

Contact Your Teacher Directly - Students are encouraged to contact their teachers directly with any questions regarding course material or instruction. Click here to access our staff directory.

Daily Online Tutoring - Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring provided by certified staff during their study hall or lunch period. During remote learning, tutoring remains available for all 8 periods each day across all subject areas. Students can access the live virtual tutoring via LaunchPad by clicking on the underlined heading in blue for the respective campus and subject. Academic tutoring will begin on Monday, August 24.

Note: Students must log in within the first 15 minutes of the class period in order to receive tutoring. After 15 minutes, the teachers will relocate to different rooms based on the tutoring needs of the students.

Fall 2020 Virtual Tutoring

Graphing Calculator Chromebook App

  • LP installed an app on your Chromebook for you!

    • Click the circle in the bottom left of the screen and search “TI-84 Plus CE App for Chrome OS”

    • Open the app, then right click the calculator icon at the bottom and “pin it” so it is readily accessible for you in the future!

    • If the app doesn't appear, please try turning your Chromebook off and on before contacting

Rental Program - Students are able to check out graphing calculators from the Library, however each student has the ability to use the TI-84 Plus CE app installed on their Lake Park provided Chromebook.

Want to borrow a graphing calculator from the Library?

  1. Visit the library just before the period in which you need to use a graphing calculator. Be sure to bring your ID!

  2. Check out a graphing calculator for one period and return the calculator when your math class is over. Please note that the library staff will hold your student ID until you return the calculator. Each student can rent a calculator up to 5 times per semester. Any student who needs a calculator more often or for a longer duration than outlined here should look into the annual rental program outlined below.

Want to borrow a graphing calculator for the year? Download this rental agreement (which is also available in the main office and library). Obtain a parent and student signature and be sure to include the student's ID number.