Winners of Reflections

Congratulations to the winners of this 2018 Reflections program. The theme was "Within Reach". We are amazed at the great talent exhibited by the students at Collins Elementary. It was a tough decision for the judges as all the submissions were exceptional.

District Level Winners:

    • Vardhan A., 4th grade ~ Intermediate Film Production
    • Adhya K., 1st grade ~ Primary Dance Choreography

Collins Level Winners:

Visual Arts:

    • Primary:
      • 1st Place:
      • 2nd Place: Isha Venkatesh
      • Third Place MichelleYu
      1. Primary

First and second Place Atharv Desai

Third Place Snehil kakani

Fourth Place Athmika Krishnan

Literature Intermediate

First place tie between Aneesh Bhat and Malavika Eby

Second Place Akul Srivatsa

Third Place tie Sreya Muppalla and Vaageshwar Srinivasan

Music Composition

Photography Intermediate

First Place Hrishikesh Chaturvedula

Second Place Amritraj Binuraj

Third Place Akul Srivatsa

Fourth Place Malavika Eby

Dance Choreography

Adhya Kasamsetty

Malavika Eby

Seeya Pillai

Film Production

Vardhan Agrawal

Samhita Vasu