Hahira Middle School


HMS, PGMS, and LMS Y-LEAD Members pictured with Governor Deal and Representative Jason Shaw.

About the Program

Y-LEAD (Youth Leadership Exploration and Development) is an organization comprised of 7th and 8th grade Hahira Middle School students.

Lowndes Middle School and Pine Grove Middle School have also adopted the program, so students from all three middle schools have unique opportunities to work together.

Through this two-year program, students are presented with in-depth opportunities to become acquainted with community needs and issues, interact with community leaders, and learn the positive values and benefits of community service.

"Building Tomorrow's Leaders, Today..."



7th Grade Members

Converse Boatenreiter

Abby Bynum

Kaylee Collins

Gracie Defelice

Rylen Dickey

Emma Drawdy

Lael Gaskins

Amelia Green

Morgan Hamm

Emmie Hamrick

Scarlett Jerome

Janie Johnson

Pate Langdale

Kate Mcelyea

Ruju Patel

Milly Prince

Janine Raymond

Ford Scott

Charlie Shenton

Emma Thomas

8th Grade Members

Kendall Altman

Brock Blais

Caitlyn Callahan

Claire Green

Ashawncia Martin

Madelyn Murray

Anna Pate

Elizette Smith

Railyn Tucker

Kosten Vanderhorn

Cambree York

If you are interested in being a program sponsor, please contact Ashleigh Kenny at ashleighkenny@lowndes.k12.ga.us or Maria Staley at mariastaley@lowndes.k12.ga.us