Mr. McDade

Welcome to Team 72 Science!

 I enjoy teaching middle school students and have high expectations for every student to do their best. We will laugh, discuss, and hopefully learn from each other on a daily basis. 

 My course has a heavy workload that students will accomplish during class time. Typically, students will have 20  grades each 9 weeks. Students will earn grades from textbook assignments, various classwork, quizzes, writing assignments, projects, and unit tests.  Assignments and resources are posted on Google Classroom.  All students are expected to read independently, meet due dates, and keep a notebook.

I encourage both students and parents to frequent Parent Portal to keep up with grades. Contact our district office if you need a password for Parent Portal. 

The best way to contact me is by school email, I am always happy to answer questions or discuss your child's progress.

Wesley McDade

Team 72 ​Life Science teacher