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Calendar 2018 -2019 REVISED.pdf

Pre-k Supply List 2018-2019

Required Items:

· Play Doh (4-pack)

· 1 box Band-Aids

· Clorox wipes

· 1 bottle Hand sanitizer, scentless (Germ-X or Purelle)

· 1 box of tissues

· 1 can Lysol Spray

· Book bag (large enough for change of clothes, folder, and a blanket)

· Blanket (sent home weekly) No Sleeping Bags/Fabric Nap Mats. They do not fit in cubbies.

· Change of clothes, including underwear and socks, in a Ziploc bag to be kept in book bag. (Keep in mind that children can have other types of accidents besides bathroom: Milk, mud, nose bleeds, etc.)

Utecht Schedule


Fearless Leader/Morning Meet

Music and Movement


PAC small group

START read (Story 1)

Small Group (Math/Science)



Story 2

Rest Time



Closing Activity