Since we can't be at the beach, meet me in 8th grade ELA!

Welcome to our class website. As you may have guessed, I am an 8th-grade ELA teacher at LMS who loves the beach. This is my 4th year at LMS. Previously, I taught U.S. History at LHS for 16 years. I am married, have two grown children, and am known for spoiling our two fur-babies. When I am not working on ELA, you may find me working on BETA club activities or planning my next trip to visit my children who live in Jacksonville, Florida.

8th grade ELA is a fast-paced class that covers reading informational, reading literary, writing, and language standards. Each student has access to my Google Classroom which includes study materials and links to review tools. Students can also visit the link below to be best prepared for the 8th grade ELA Milestones Test. This is the study guide that the Georgia Department of Education publishes:

8th Grade ELA Milestones Study Guide

(FYI...Scroll to the bottom and find an additional study guide!)


Please find my contact information below:

New in 2022-2023:

Students will take the NWEA Map test three times this year. This is an adaptive test that shows a view of your student's instructional readiness or where your student is ready for instruction.

Family Guide to NWEA MAP

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

My sister and sister in-law work for the school system!

Don't wish for it,

Work for it!

Team 82!

My kiddo's at the beach!

Don't forget CERT's! Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, then Summarize.

Click here to access the LMS:
8th grade ELA GMAS Study Guide