Pine Grove Middle Chorus

Welcome to PGM Chorus. My name is Rhenda Parker and I have the pleasure of directing the choirs. I have been teaching for 30 years. My husband is Rex Parker and we have been married for 32 years. We have two awesome sons , both of which are in college.

Chorus provides opportunities to develop musical potential and aesthetic understanding through singing in a choral ensemble. Students will develop their singing tone, the ability to read music with fluency, polish performance skills, demonstrate responsible rehearsal habits, and experience the value of collaboration. In addition they will develop listening skills and the ability to analyze and critique music and musical performances. The ultimate goal of the choral experience is the development of the individual both musically and personally for lifelong pursuit and enjoyment of music.

Required Materials:

1-1.5 inch 3 ring binder


expo marker


notebook paper in binder for class note

Discipline Procedure:

1st offense - student warning

2nd offense - parent contact

3rd offense - team/office referral

Please refer to student handbook for office referrals.

Grading Procedure:

Daily participation, quiz, classwork - 40% (Formative)

Unit test, concert/report, if concert not attended - 60% (Summative)