Mrs. Martin's 8th and 9th Grade  Physical Science 2023-2024

Welcome to 8th and 9th grade Physical Science! This is going to be an exciting year filled with new experiences and lots of exploration! This site will help you keep up with announcements, assignments, and helpful reference links. 

My expectations are high for all of my students! It is very important that you take every activity, laboratory experience, writing assignment, Google Classroom assignment, and project seriously and make sure you turn in everything on time! 

Parents and Guardians, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone. 

My email address is 

and my contact number is (229) 219-3234.

I am so happy to have you in my class!

Grading Policy

9 Weeks’ Grade:

Categories                                    Percentages   Minimum per 9 weeks                                                                                                            

Summative Assignments

Test/Projects/Labs/Essays               50%                         3 

Performance Assignments                 30%                         4 

Daily Grades/Homework                   20%                         5 

Tests category may include things like tests, projects, essays, labs, etc. that teachers feel are worth major grades.

Performance tasks may include things like quizzes, labs, essay parts or drafts, graphic organizers, etc., or assignments that teachers feel are worth more than a daily grade but not as much as a test grade.

Daily/Homework category may include things like warm-ups, notes, homework, tickets-out-the-door, summarizing, etc.