PGM Tennis


2020 Tennis Team:


Karli Malone

Rylin Strickland

Naiya Wade

Tamya Edwards

Tessa Burg

Kaylee Watson

Maricela Amado


Colby Dumas

Evan Joens

Parker Jones

Kaden Miller

Ibo Ramy

Patrick Whitmer

Cody Flint

We will start practice 1/29/2020 from 3:35-5:15. Practice will usually be Monday-Wednesday the rest of the year.

Your ride must pick you up at tennis courts out back of the school, your ride should promptly pick you up each day we practice. Being picked up late multiple times can cost you a spot on the team.

Please sign up for the Remind 101

Click on the link below:


Text @geca88b to the number 81010