Parent Action team

Contact Person: Regina Scruggs


S.I.P Goal 2: For the 2023-24 school year, our goal is to improve community support and services to promote emotional, behavioral, and social skills by increasing opportunities for community involvement, family engagement, staff development, and student SEL lessons. 

P.A.T volunteers

Every Tuesday and Friday parents dedicate their time during our lunch periods to help out at the candy cart. 

Next sale:  November 10 

PAT volunteers up early for biscuit sales - getting the PGMS team fed early

In celebration of the students' outstanding academic achievement during the first nine weeks, the Parent Action Team (P.A.T) organized a special event to honor these exceptional individuals. To show our appreciation, we decided to treat them to a delicious pizza party. 

One of our parent volunteers helping setup the Fall Festival 

Some pictures from PGM's 1st Fall Festival ----->


Thank you covington's

P.A.T wanted to show our wonder custodian staff appreciation for all that they do for the GROVE. 

Community Service

LCS Food Packaging and Distribution

PAT members volunteered on Friday and Saturday to help package and hand out food boxes  



Beginning of the year, Parent Action Team Meeting. We had over 20 parents in attendance.

We are thankful for the goodies and support!

Shout out to our Parent Action Team who prepped and delieved back-to-school survival kits to our teachers' classrooms for them to find this morning!