Nurse's Notes

This site is to provide you with school clinic and health information and resources


As a part of Pine Grove Middle School’s registration for the 2018/2019 school year, you are required to submit your child’s health forms on CareDox.

Caredox is Lowndes County Schools’s HIPAA and FERPA compliant digital health platform that allows Pine Grove Middles School's nurse and parents to access and update student health information throughout the school year.

6th grade Hearing and Vision Screening- If your student is already under the care of a Health Care Provider and you would not like your student to be screened at the school, please call and let your school Nurse at 229-219-3234

7th Grade Immunization Requirements

All students entering 7th grade are required to meet the state immunization standards and have documentation in the school records. This includes the meningitis and Tdap vaccines required at the beginning of 7th grade.

Please contact your school nurse to verify if your child has met the requirements to attend 7th grade and correct documents are on file at PGM.

PGM Flu Vaccinations-

Please be looking out for more information about Flu Vaccines being given at PGM.