Ms. Smith's 5th Grade Class

Upcoming Events

  • Open House is August 3rd from 2-4pm. I look forward to meeting you and your child!
  • First day of school is August 7th.
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Writing & Grammar

Spiral Language Review quizzes will be on Wednesdays.

  • Quizzes will come straight from the weekly Spiral Language Review sheets.
  • These quizzes offer excellent grammar review and practice. Please review each sheet nightly before the quiz on Wednesdays.

Reading & Vocabulary

  • Your child will be responsible for reading at least one book per week (on his/her reading level) and taking an AR test. By Friday of each week, your child must have completed at least one AR test on a book of his/her choosing.
    • There will be allotted class time for your child to complete his/her AR test in class. There is also ample class time allotted for your child to visit the library.
    • If your child is reading a large chapter book, exceptions can be made (to the one book per week rule).
  • Vocabulary quizzes will be every other Friday.
    • Your student will have a review sheet with all eight words in his/her binder under the tab labeled "Vocab."
    • Each day, a new vocabulary word is introduced. Every other Friday, there will be a test over all eight words.
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