Tucker - 8th Grade ELA

Class Overview

I am so excited about being your child's 8th grade ELA teacher this year! Grammar, reading, and writing are my passion and I am thrilled to share that with you. My hope is for each of my students to grow as a reader and a writer this year. I strive to support, encourage, and instill a love of learning in all of my students!


    • Unit One: First 9 Weeks

      • eliminating run-ons, fragments and comma splices

      • using correct punctuation (ellipses, capitalizing titles, and using a dash to indicate a pause)

      • identifying subject, verb, direct/indirect object in sentences

      • active/passive verb tense

      • MLA citations


  • Unit One: First 9 Weeks (Informational - Non-Fiction)

    • finding supporting details and citing evidence

    • finding central idea

    • analyzing connections

    • analyzing structure of a text

  • I expect your child to read a little every night. This will help improve their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  • We will read a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts in class. I also plan to read a couple novels this year. While we read these different texts, we will analyze them explicitly and makes inferences. We will discuss different literary elements of each text, such as: plot, theme, setting, problem, solution, characterization, mood, tone, etc.


  • Students will complete three different types of writing this year: expository, augmentative, and narrative. Rubrics will be provided.

  • Students will also use different methods to respond to texts using evidence to support claims, reasons, and opinions.

  • The focus for the first nine weeks will be informational/expository writing.

Meet Ms. Tucker

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

I am so excited about being your child's 8th grade reading and English Language Arts teacher for the 2022-2023 school year! This will be my 7th year teaching ELA. I spent the last 6 years teaching 5th grade, but I am so excited about being back at the middle school level, where my heart is!

In December of 2016, I graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education. In December of 2018, I graduated with a Master's in Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Originally, I am from a small town west of the Atlanta area. I moved to Valdosta to attend VSU and fell in love with the area. I have two daughters, Kaylee and Ella.

The main focus in my classroom is to ensure your child’s success, not just in my class, but in all his or her endeavors. I will strive to ensure your child learns in a productive, safe, and caring environment. I believe all students are unique and learn in different ways, and my goal is to ensure all of my students are successful. I am looking forward to a happy and productive school year!