Mrs. Busby's

6th Grade

Earth Science


Welcome students and parents! I am excited to begin a new year with you and I hope you are too! Please browse through some of the useful links to keep you updated on what is happening in our classroom!

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School #: 229-245-2280

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It is my belief that building positive relationships within the classroom and the community is the key to student success! Parents want their child(ren) to succeed, and I want their child(ren) to succeed, and I have found that keeping that in the forefront of my mind that we are able to do great things together! I start everyday with the mindset that every student that walks in my door is my personal child, and I want what is best for them! I try to take into account that each child has different needs, so I mix it up in class! We do hands on, vocabulary games, video clips, songs, close reading, Quizlet Live review, peer work, and so much more! I want every child, in some way, to make a connection with what we are learning! It is an honor to serve in this capacity and I truly hope that my students leave my classroom excited about their learning and growth, prepared for life, and armed with the knowledge that I truly care for them!

Kaide, Lola, Chris, Kree, Kash Fall 2019 - all ages 4-2 :-)

The Busby Family - Fall 2019 :-)