Mrs. Tucker's 5th Grade ELA/Reading Class


  • Spiral Language Review (grammar skill review) quizzes will be on Wednesdays.

    • Quizzes will come straight from the weekly Spiral Language Review sheets.

    • These quizzes offer excellent grammar review and practice. Please review each sheet nightly before the quiz on Wednesdays.

  • Each week, we will focus on a specific grammar skill (adjectives, adverbs, types of sentences, prepositions, etc.) Quizzes over these skills will be announced in advance but are typically on Fridays.


  • This year, your student will construct several different types of writing: narrative, opinion, and expository.

    • All of these essays will be written in class. Students will be given a graphic organizer, rubrics, and resources to use.

    • Students will have understanding of the rubric and all requirements before the final writing assessment.

  • Students will also use strategies, such as the TEACH (topic sentence, evidence, add explanation, conclude, have another look) method to respond to questions using text evidence. The TEACH strategy is similar to the RACE strategy.

    • This strategy helps the students be able to use relevant facts and details to support their responses.


  • As your child’s reading teacher, I expect your child to read nightly at home. Research has shown that reading for 20 minutes each night can greatly improve a child’s vocabulary and comprehension. This is exactly what I want to do for your child!

    • Please read nightly with your child. Encouraging them to read books he/she is interested in and on his/her reading level.

    • Each 9 weeks, students will be given a reading log to record what they read. At the end of the nine weeks, this log will be taken up for a grade.

    • There will be classroom incentives for students if they earn their reading goal (for AR).

  • We will read a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts in class. My plan is to read at least 2 novels in class this year.

  • All upcoming quizzes and tests will be announced in advance via Class Dojo.