Mr. Zajdel's Class

Welcome to Mr. Zajdel’s First Grade Class!

I am extremely excited about teaching your child this year. I can’t wait to meet you and your child. I have worked very hard this summer to make this classroom feel like an extension of the home. I do believe your child will feel safe, secure and ready to learn in this class.

First grade will be a fabulous year of explosive growth in your child’s ability to read and understand math. It will be an exciting time. I am happy to be a part of your child’s life this year!

I want to thank you (in advance!) for sending your child to school on time and ready to learn, with supplies and for filling out all the forms! You may return them by your child during the first week of school.

Daily Communication Folders: If you need to write me a note, or send forms or lunch money, please place them in the folder. A behavior chart will be in the folder. Please initial it daily. It will be a great tool to use for positive reinforcement with your child. Also, I will include home homework which consists of review of sight words, spelling word lists and some math to practice. I will provide more information on homework throughout the year, so please don't worry about this.

Accelerated Reader: Students are allowed to check out a book every day. Please have your child read each book 2 or more times. He/she then may take a computerized, multiple choice 5 to 10 question test over the book. The books are labeled according to readability level. This is a great way to learn reading for details- a crucial skill. AR will be done online this year with a new program that is individualized. Your child will have a goal each nine weeks based on his or her ability. If he/she meets this goal they will participate in an AR celebration party! Wow!

Waterford: This is computerized instruction which your child will receive twice a day, once for reading, and once for math and science. He/she will spend about 45 minutes a day on computer. I collect data on each student’s progress and can reteach and intervene when I see an area of difficulty.

Breakfast/Lunch Money: Breakfast is $2.00 and Lunch is $2.05 per day. Envelopes will be provided for your convenience, you can now pay all meal fees on-line through our school website. The best way to pay for school meals is through the website: If you send cash or checks to school it is best to pay by the week or month. Envelopes are provided for breakfast/lunch money only. Please fill out completely. Our lunch is from 12:17-12:57 am. Please note you are always welcome to come and have lunch with your child!!

Transportation: If there is a change in how your child is to get home, you must send in a written note in advance or fax the office. This is so important to insure that all children get home safely!! There are no checkouts after 2:00 pm.

Attendance: The school’s late bell rings at 8:00. Students must arrive by 7:50 in order to eat breakfast at school. First car pick up begins at 2:35 pm. Please send a written note every time you child is late, absent, or has to leave early. The office is required to keep this data in order for an absence to be excused.

Birthdays: Treats for birthdays are optional and may be sent to school to be enjoyed by the class during recess.

Email/Website: You may email me directly at and you may access my webpage by logging on to, selecting “Schools” and scrolling down and selecting “Westside Elementary”. Select “Faculty”, scroll down to select “1st grade”, and scroll down to view my name. Click on it for my classroom website. The best time to contact me is during my planning period. Please note my planning is from 9:05-9:50. During this time, I will promptly respond to emails and phone messages. Call 229-245-2289 to leave messages for me or to setup a parent-teacher conference.

Exploratory: We will have Exploratory at 9:05-9:50 each day. Please note that on PE days the students must wear gym shoes or they are not allowed to participate. I will send home a schedule for PE days.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? During the course of the year we will be learning many new things and trying out strategies to help make the learning more solid and long term. Have your child share with you each day something they have learned. You may want to read to your child to extend their knowledge, look things up on the internet, use new words in sentences, or have them draw a picture to show you a new idea we have discussed. I will put helpful information in each daily communication folder to give you an idea of what to ask and what to look for each day. We will be using Waterford, AR, Smart board activities, Study Island and a number of other programs to help your child’s mind access our performance standards in a variety of ways. We will have Writing Workshop every day and have a reading assessment each week. Please go over the graded work that is sent home throughout the week in the daily folders. This will enable you to see what skills we are learning, to praise your child’s efforts (Display on Refrigerator!!), and to help reinforce areas of confusion. This will also show your child that you value what is going on in school. Children value what you value. In addition, I strongly encourage parents to become classroom volunteers to help with weekly tasks along with promoting opportunities for your child to see your involvement in the classroom. Please contact me via email or phone call to get you setup as a classroom volunteer. Also, to improve and streamline communication, please don't forget to sign up for remind. This will ensure we communicate much faster and more efficiently.

It is my hope that your child will have a Fantastic school year filled with new experiences, challenges, tremendous amounts of excitement for learning, and academic success. Thanks you for all you do and continue to do for all of us!!


Mr. Zajdel

Westside Elementary School