Fifth Grade

5th Grade Teachers (L to R) Shirley Young, Diane Shadron, Shalae Kinsey, Susan Rigg

Savannah Field Trip (Due to Covid-19 this trip has been cancelled this year!)

Information will be available about our Savannah trip within the first month of school. Every year the students look forward to our trip. When we send the information home we will need a 'Yes' or 'No' from every student so that we can begin determining numbers and chaperones. The cost of the trip is $160. You have the option of paying the full amount, or breaking the amount into 4 payments of $40 due the first of the months in October, November, December and January. You may pay in check (payable to MBE), cash, or online at the MBE School Store.

Box Tops and Pop Tabs (Due to Covid-19 please save these at home until further notice.)

Don't forget that 5th Grade collects both Pop Tops from canned drinks and Box Tops which can be found on select food products. The Pop Tops are part of our 4H project which raises money for the Ronald McDonald Houses.

The Box Tops help us buy supplies for our school! So, please don't throw them away!

Fifth Grade Supplies

Supplies students will keep and use as needed (feel free to label with student's name):

5th grade 3 Composition Book (wide rule) “no spiral”


24 pencils

Pencil Pouch

1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper

2 packs of crayons (24 count)

1 containers of Clorox wipes

1 box of tissue

1 bottle of hand soap

4 Expo dry erase markers

4 glue sticks

[Optional Items, you do not have to purchase these items:

Computer mouse & Ear buds]