Welcome to our class website! This website is designed to give you information about our class, important events, and what your child will be learning in 4th grade Reading this year. I hope you find this information useful, and I look forward to a great year with your child.

Mrs. Robinson's homeroom class will follow the schedule below.

Homeroom (Robinson)

ELA (Parkerson)


Social Studies/Science (Hanna)

Math (McGlamry)




Math Extension (Hendley)

Reading (Robinson)

I am so excited to be your teacher this year! Here's a few things about me that many of my students find interesting...

  • I am originally from New York, and even though I've lived in South Georgia for over 10 years, my accent sometimes peeks through. I'm sure you'll have a list of words that I sound a little different pronouncing by the end of the year.
  • I used to work at Wild Adventures! Yes- I have been on every ride out there... SEVERAL TIMES, even the GERONIMO (yep, that one)!
  • My husband and my three daughters are absolutely hilarious. People say I'm funny too, but I don't see it. You'll learn all about them as the year goes on. There's always a story to tell about them. We should probably have a reality show.
  • I love school! I have always loved school, even before I went to school. Playing school with my stuffed animals was by far my favorite game, so I guess there's no surprise that I'm a teacher. I enjoy teaching and learning, and I can't wait to teach you amazing things and to learn new things from each of you!

Phone: (229) 316-8603

Fax: (229) 316-8607

Joy Robinson- Lake Park Elementary- 604 W. Marion Avenue- Lake Park, GA 31636