Pine Grove Middle Art

I am thrilled to begin this new 9 weeks connections course with you! We will explore many different types of mediums, artists, and art styles. I hope that this experience in Art will be a time of great creative discovery for you, no matter what type of art background you come from. I believe that ALL students have a creative side to them whether you realize it or not. I look forward to this journey we have together to discover that creative side in you and create some really cool things along the way.

Supply List:

If you use the same supplies on-team, there’s no need to purchase more until they run out.

Keep your supply bag or box with the items you bring to connections!

I will have a place in the art room for you to keep your personal supplies.

#2 pencils

1 manual pencil sharpener

Pink Pearl Eraser

1 pack colored pencils

1 glue stick

1 pair safety scissors