My name is Andrew Dunn, and I am the life science teacher for team 73. This is my third year back at Hahira after attending school here years ago. I love science, and I am excited to not only teach science, but to do science with students. I am married to Jennifer Dunn, who teaches at Dewar Elementary, and we have three children. My oldest son is Robert(6), followed by Charlie(4), and Porter(1).

This is Mushu! He is one of our many classroom pets and is a Bearded Dragon

Life Science

This year in seventh grade, Students will be learning about the living world around them. We will start the year learning about how scientists think and experiment.

The next few weeks we will begin investigating the cell and how it functions. This will lead up to Cell Court where we try the murder case of Mr. P. Lant Cell.

After cell court we will move into body systems and how organisms are organised.

The next stop in our curriculum will be a genetics unit where we will study how traits are passes from parent to offspring. This year we will be working alongside our Ag teacher Mrs. Bennet to study rabbits, as well as plant to predict and patterns in genetic prototypes.

After studying genetics we will look at the diversity of life while organizing and classifying organisms around us. This section will be full of outdoor labs and inquiry to try and identify living things including trees and fish.

After Christmas we will spend the remainder of the year on ecology and natural selection. This is the majority of our curriculum and will draw upon the information that students learned in the first semester to investigate communities ecosystems and biomes.

This is going to be a fun filled year full of hard work and many challenges, but I hope to make it memorable. Above all we want everyone to Dream Big!

We will be experimenting with Aquaponics this year in Science.


7:50-8:00 Homeroom

8:00-9:15 Academic 1

9:15-10:30 Academic 2

10:30-11:50 Academic 3

11:50-12:20 Lunch

12:20-1:40 Academic 4

1:40-3:25 Connections


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