Mrs. McPherson's

5th Grade Class

Math Rules!

Supply List for 2018 - 2019

24 wooden pencils (no decorative pencils)

1 pack of markers OR crayons OR colored pencils

3 highlighters

1 package of Expo markers

1 pair of scissors (optional)

1-2 glue sticks (no liquid glue)

2 packs of WIDE-RULED notebook paper

1 package of sheet protectors

2 composition books (black and white marbled, no spiral)

1 pack of subject dividers (need at least 6 tabs)

1 three-ring binder (2 inch) with NO zippers, Velcro, or expendable pockets

4 pocket folders with prongs

1 pair of earbuds for Chromebooks

1 computer mouse (optional)

1 backpack (no wheels, big enough to hold binder and workbooks)

2 boxes of facial tissue

Boys - Please bring hand sanitizer and gallon baggies

Girls - Please bring Clorox wipes and quart baggies