Coach Crews

8th Grade Math Silver Team

Planning: 1:45-3:30


Hello! My name is Matt Crews. I am entering my 9th year teaching. I have a Master's degree in Middle Grades Math and Science. My wife Ashley and I have a 1 year old named Hudson! I coach football at Pine Grove Middle and baseball at Lowndes High School. My hobbies include playing golf, fishing, and watching my Dawgs on Saturday's.

8th Grade Math Units

Unit 1- Transformations- Students will be performing Translations, Reflections, Rotations, and Dilations on and off the coordinate plane. We will focus on congruence with these transformations and slowly transition into similarity with dilation's.

Mini Assessment Quiz- Friday September 8, 2017

Following the Mini Assessment we will begin looking at angle relationships formed by transversals cutting parallel lines. Those relationships include complimentary angles, supplementary angles, vertical angles, linear pairs, same-side interior and exterior, alternate interior and exterior, and corresponding angles. We will also explore the Triangular Sum Theorem using both numerical measurements as well as equations.