Welcome to Second Grade

#Character: It's who I am!

We have been learning about different character traits and practicing them throughout the school day. You can see your child's Character Calendar in their binder. They are responsible for coloring in their calendar when they move their clip for POSITIVE behavior.

#AugustCharacter Recognition

#trustworthiness - Marissa

#responsibility- Zeva and Dillon

#perseverance- Anthony

Class Schedule



2nd Grade

Book bag (No wheels)

Pair of scissors

6 glue sticks

Crayons-2 box (16 or 24 count)

Zipper pouch (no pencil boxes)

1 pack pencil top erasers

2 packs #2 pencils

(3) 1-subject marble composition notebooks

3 Solid colored 2 pocket poly folders

4 pack Pink Pearl erasers

1 pack EXPO brand dry erase markers

1 large box Kleenex tissues

Clorox Wipes

Other supplies that are needed and APPRECIATED (optional): clear cover sheet protectors, colored cardstock, sandwich sized ziploc bags, gallon sized ziploc bags, white copy paper

Classroom Expectations


Flexible Seating

Mrs. Hines 2nd Grade_en (2).pdf