Welcome to Mrs. Beth Baker's 6th grade website for Pine Grove Middle! You will find many important pieces of information here, including when we will have tests, study guide answers, Google Slides, websites to check out, etc.

Welcome the the

2017-2018 School Year

November 13-17

We are starting a new unit:


We will be learning about the physical features of Australia and it's history!


November 6-November 10th

We are almost FINISHED with Europe! YAAAAAAAY!

We will have a test on Friday. Students received the study guides on Monday. The ANSWER KEY is in the Government and Economics section at the top of this page.

October 30-November

Our focus this week will be the European Union and Specialization.

We will also continue our discussion on ECONOMICS and GOVERNMENT

October 23-27


We will have a TEST on Friday!

October 16-October 20

We are officially ending our unit over European History! We are ending with the Cold War on Tuesday.

Wednesday begins our next unit covering European Government, specifically comparing the governments of the U.K., Germany, and Russia.

October 10-October 13

This week we are learning about the Cold War. Students will be creating a Google Slide presentation on their Chromebooks and putting items inside their Interactive Notebooks. Please look over your I.N. every night. There may be a pop-quiz soon!

Dr. Spires VSU students will be here on Thursday to use the BREAK-OUT BOXES!!!!

September 25-29


We are finishing up our 'essay writing' DBQ~

The kids have a Study Guide to begin studying for the big test Friday.

September 18- 22

We are starting the document based question "How Did the Treaty of Versailles Help Cause World War II?"

Students will be writing an essay and learning how to use PRIMARY and SECONDARY documents and use them in their writing.

September 11-15 Hurricane Irma

Please finish the packet that was given out on Sept 8

September 5-8

We will have a quiz over Political and Physical Features of Europe on WEDNESDAY! We will also begin discussions concerning Environmental Issues, location, climate, and population distribution of Europe.

August 28-September 1

Test Wednesday over Government and Economics

We will start Europe after our test! We will begin with countries and physical features (rivers, mountain chains, etc).

Sample test question:

Sample: The United Kingdom Customs Service has found toxic lead-based paint in toys imported from a Chinese toy-making company. These toys are intended for sale in the United Kingdom. Exposure to the paint over a long period of time could be fatal to children under 6 years old.

What type of trade barrier would guarantee that no child in the United Kingdom would be exposed to the deadly lead-based paint?

Study Guide August 2017 ANSWERS

Which BEST describes the primary function of the North American Free Trade Agreement?

● Create rules and regulations

● Eliminate Tariffs

● Remove restrictions and custom barriers

Which is not a barrier of trade?

● investments

Which is a form of government in which all citizens are allowed to participate?

● Democracy

What is a government that is controlled by one supreme ruler such as an absolute monarch?

● Autocracy

Which economic system is primarily based on the roles and production of the culture’s ancestors?

● Traditional

In order to put pressure on the government of Cuba to change its ways, the United States has laws that forbid Americans from traveling to or trading with Cuba. These laws have been in effect for decades and have stopped billions of dollars in trade between the two countries.

The U.S. laws discussed in the box above are an example of which economic action?

● Embargo

In this type of democracy, the leader works with the legislature.

● Parliamentary

Mexico’s president is elected by the people. The regional governments (states) retain a degree of self-government and the powers of the central (national) government are restricted. Ultimate power rests with the voters who choose their government representatives. What type of government does Mexico have?

● Presidential

Which type of government is most likely to abolish all opposing political parties, the direct election of leaders, and free speech?

● Autocracy

What are 3 economic questions asked when studying the similarities of a traditional, command and market economy among nations of the world?

● What goods/services will be produced?

● How will goods/services be produced?

● Who will consume the goods/services?

When a country has a market economy, which of these statements correctly defines this system?

● Companies produce goods of their choice and consumers decide whether to buy the goods.

Which term best describes an economic system in which the people—not the government—own land, factories, and businesses?

● Market

Describe a market economy

● People control based on supply and demand

What is NAFTA?

● The North American Free Trade Agreement

What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government?

● Voting

Draw the economic continuum.

List the 5 themes of Geography




Human-Environment Interaction


What is half of a sphere?

· hemisphere

The Earth is divided into 4 hemispheres.

What are they?

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

Eastern Hemisphere

Western Hemisphere

Draw a compass rose showing the cardinal and intermediate directions.

Draw a globe identifying the Equator and the Prime Meridian and one latitudinal and one longitudinal line.

*Look over identifying Lat. & Long. on a map.

August 21-25

Monday 1/2 day for the Solar Eclipse

This week we will be touching on:

Government: Autocratic & Democratic

Economics: Traditional, Command, Market

Trade Barriers: tariffs, quotas, embargos

August 14-18

We are having a quiz over all items in our Interactive Notebooks!

Please look under the THEMES tab at the top of this webpage. You will find PowerPoints that will help you study.