Mrs. Hiers

Team 82

Team Leader/ELA

Welcome to the 8th grade! I began my teaching career here at Lowndes Middle School. Here are 14 facts about me from the 14 years...

1. I am left it said somewhere that left handed people are creative?

2. I am married to Bert Hiers, and he is a farmer.

3. We have 3 beautiful children. Nealy is 13, William is 11, and Emily Kate is 10.

4. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I attended 6th grade here at Lowndes Middle School.

5. My middle school career out did my high school.

6. I have a Masters degree in Post Secondary Education.

7. I also have my Educational Leadership degree.

8. My family and I live in Echols County, and we do a lot of riding around on the farm.

9. I am the youngest of 4 however, I am NOT the spoiled one.

10. I love sports. I love to watch sports. I love to play sports, and I am very very competitive.

11. I own 18 cows.

12. Cross fit is my new passion even though I feel I never can go.

13. Community Partners in Education 2017/2018 Coordinator of the Year for Lowndes and Valdosta Schools.

14. I visited Puna Canta last year!