Three twenty-somethings rent a house with a pool in sunny Siesta Bay.

Despite the occasional jumbo jet landing at the international airport next door, the guys consider the house a slice of paradise.

Along with their friends, these "characters" work to simply enjoy their version of the good life...even if life isn't always good to them.

CHARACTERS is designed to be a pioneering Digital Animation Sitcom or Comedy Feature Film Series with the potential for many years of production at a reasonable cost thanks to the many advances in digital animation.

Among the many innovations for streamlined production include: the re-use of all assets once created, re-use of keyframe animations for each character with the use of non-linear animation editing, faster rendering times with the advancements in hardware rendering and real-time technologies, and interactive directing with the use of virtual cameras, virtual reality and motion-capture technologies.

Bringing years of laughter to viewers through the lives of these "Characters" to lead the way for 21st century digital animation productions.

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