If You have a Need, Here is a Number

Loveland Community Resources

Use the tabs above to click on an area of need that you may have. If you have additional needs or recommendations, please call us at 513-781-6345 or email us at lovelandohcommunityresources@gmail.com. Additionally, if you would like to sign up for updates regarding community resources and needs, please click HERE to sign up for our Loveland Community Resource email updates!

Community Resources: connecting needs with local resources to fill those needs, especially the under-served population during this COVID-19 crisis. And, keeping our community safe and as healthy as possible by making it possible for those that are elderly, have health risks and are ill to stay home.


The following locations and websites provide information about where you can go to get tested for COVID-19.

Health Source of Ohio : testing after seeing doctor if suspect COVID-19 (Established patients only)

Care First Urgent Care (Loveland Madeira Road): Accept private insurance and medicaid, or self-pay $100.00

Hamilton County: locations and requirements vary. Link includes interactive map of available testing locations and the individual site requirements.

Children's Hospital: Liberty & Burnet testing sites. Mason also has lab testing available but need to call, use CincyKidsHealth Connect or go through their provider to order test. Link provides additional information

Live in Hamilton County? Temporary Halt on Some Evictions

There is a temporary halt on some home evictions until December 31, 2020. Please see information below or contact Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati at 513-241-9400 for assistance if this may help you at this time. Full information can be found at: https://www.lascinti.org/wp-content/uploads/Temporary-Halt-on-Some-Evictions-with-Form.pdf



  • Thanksgiving Food Box

  • Holiday Giving Shop

  • Holiday Food Box (Christmas/Hanukkah)

You must be fully registered with the pantry to sign up for these programs. Registration ends on Saturday, Oct. 31st, so please plan to get in as soon as possible. If you are not a client already registered with LIFE, please bring the following:

  • Photo ID and proof of address for all adults 18+ living in the home (mail, bill, insurance, lease, etc.)

  • PreSchool-Grade 12—document from school showing registration or a bill with their name (medical, insurance, etc.)

  • Under preschool age—birth certificate, crib card, medical bill or insurance card—anything that shows they live at the address

NEW LOCATION: 541 Loveland Madeira Rd

New Hours: Tues-Sat: 10am-12pm AND Tues&Thurs: 4-6:30 pm

Hello new and returning Loveland neighbors!

Our town is coming together to make sure people have the basics they need. Our local Loveland volunteers recently completed an anonymous survey of the needs our community is facing in wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Brief findings of the results can be found below with a more full summary detailed HERE.

Survey respondents said:

  • Nearly half had seen their income drop since mid-March

  • Almost 3 in 10 people either had trouble paying for bills and groceries right now, or were worried this would become a problem in the next 60 days

  • Most people continue to have access to health care

  • Most have adequate computer and internet access, but some still have trouble meeting their needs

  • Many asked how they could help their neighbors!

Loveland is a great community that cares about each other during all times of the year, but especially in times of need!