Video Recording

Loom is now free for teachers!

The Google Meet/Screencastify/Drive/Youtube combo works very well for what we are trying to do. But there is another tool that just went free FOREVER! Loom is a screen recording/link sharing/editing platform all in one. Screen record with your face in a bubble and trim it as you like. Then it stays stored in the cloud on loom and you can share it with a link. No youtube required, which also means no ads, suggestions or uploading. This is a great tool and I highly recommend it! Russ Irwin made this fantastic video to get us started.

Lighting Tips!

We all know we are not here to spend a lot of time making perfect videos. But we at least deserve to look our best while doing it. Here are some simple ways to hack your lighting setup to work for you. Thanks to Kelly Raine, 5th grade teacher at Oak Creek!

Screen Recording

Below is a list of tools you can use to make videos of your lessons. Remember we are not here to make perfect videos, we are here to teach. Participation, not perfection. Do NOT record a full hour lecture. Just enough. Short and sweet. One take. No edits.

Mac Screen Recording


Note from Chris: "I use this all the time!"

iPad Screen Recording

Screen Recording from Control Center

Note from Chris: "I use this all the time, too!"

PC Laptop Screen Recording

Windows 10 Game Bar

Note from Chris: "I haven't used this because I do not have a PC laptop, but wanted to offer it as an option."

Recording with Google Meet

You can use Google meet to record your screen and your face at the same time. Simply start a Meet and don't invite anyone. "Present Now" will add your screen to the Meet as well. In the lower left hit the 3 dots (snowman) and Start recording) Then navigate your screen while talking and know that your face and voice is being recorded as well. The video will be saved right to your drive for you to share via link or upload to Youtube. *Note: It may take a few minutes to show up, but you will receive an email letting you know it is ready to go.

Invite your iPad to a Google Meet recording session!

Instead of sharing your Laptop screen. Invite yourself to the Meet on your iPad so that you can show any app on your ipad and view your face on your laptop at the same time.


  • Start a Google Meet on your laptop. (Name it something easy to remember.)

  • Launch the Google Meet app on your ipad and join the meeting with the meeting code/meeting name.

  • ***Mute your iPad microphone and turn your iPad all the way down!!!

  • Tap the upper right corner of your iPad to get the three dots and start presenting your screen. Tap Start broadcast and then swipe up to go home.

  • Launch any app on your iPad and get ready to present.

  • Back on your laptop, hit the 3 dots/snowman and start your recording!

Screencastify for Chrome

Record on any laptop or chromebook with a Chrome Browser!

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Screencastify extension.

  • Give it permission to get to your Drive and you are ready to record.

  • Launch the extension and select Desktop so that you can open a slide presentation.

  • Turn on the webcam if you want to add your face in the corner of your video.

  • It saves right into Google Drive in the Screencastify Folder!

  • *Note: 5 min limit for free version.

Get Unlimited Features Free until May 31st!

To activate Screencastify Unlimited access, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit this page and click "Redeem coupon" (under the Next Billing Date)

  2. Enter code CAST_COVID

  3. Click "Activate License" (no credit card required).

  4. Ignore the Next Billing Date - that will be incorrect

Presenting Google Slides in full screen with your face in Screencastify!

If you start recording in screencastify and then go to present mode in google slides, your face goes away. If you exit full screen mode while presenting on google slides you will get your screencastify face window back!

Pro tip! Did you know you can drag the window with your face to a different place on the screen?

Explain EDU for iPad

If I had to use one app for Screen Recording on an iPad, Explain EDU would be it. It works as a digital whiteboard, a slide presenter, a screen recorder, and it even allows me to write on Powerpoints and PDFs! The best thing is that it records video slide by slide and if I mess up, I can just re-record one slide. The second best thing is that I can pull PDFs, Powerpoints, and Google Slides right out of drive in order to create my presentation and write all over them. The third best thing is that it exports either to my camera roll or directly to my YouTube Channel.

This is well worth the $15 one time purchase in the app store.

*Note: There is a Free version called Explain Everything Whiteboard. While the download is free, it requires a monthly subscription fee to keep using it. This is not the one you want.

Video Editing Tools

It is still the best strategy to do your videos in one shot and one take with no editing. Editing takes time and we want to be as efficient as we can be. BUT there are some instances where putting two clips together or trimming your video would be really handy. Here are a few editing tools to help get your videos all fixed up.

iMovie for iPad

You can use the iMovie app to easily put two iPad videos together or to trim the beginning or end of your screencasts.

Export your movies to the camera roll and then upload it to YouTube for sharing!

iMovie for Mac

iMovie also works to edit videos on your Mac laptop. Here are some basics.

Just upload your video to YouTube for sharing!


Online editing tool for any computer with a browser.

Click this link to join for free school license upgrade.

Create a new account with your LO Google sign in and then use this code to join LO schools.